Handcrafted pens make great professional gifts and company promotional gifts. We are please to offer great handcrafted pens and pencils in wood box sets. Box sets consist of a handcrafted pen and pencil inside a matching wood box like the one’s below. We also imprint on the pens and pencils. You can have names, company names, dates, special quotes all imprinted on your pen and/or pencil. We also offer single pen or pencil box sets. Promotional pens and pencils are sold with a gray felt lined decorative box, we feel this helps companies keep the expense of promoting there business down with out sacrificing quality. The “BuyNow” buttons below are provided by “Paypal” and secured through there purchasing system. All of our pen products can be purchased ad



Wood box sets are available in Rosewood and Maple and Walnut.  These are beautiful boxes with either a pen, pencil or pen and pencil set. Any of these pen or pencils can be imprinted.

For more information about our pen and pencil box set please email any questions or comments. Feel free to give us a call at (919) 741-2650.

Rosewood box
Rosewood box

For more information about our pen and pencil box set please email with any questions or comments.

Our most popular set of pen and pencil are the Designer series.

Designer pens made from Cocobolo, a hardwood from Africa. Rich in orange, black and red. Great natural colors.


The pen and pencil sets above are great for gifts any time of year.  Pen and Pencil sets come in a gray gift box and are $40.00 each and $5.00 shipping.These boxes are great for mailing or shipping to friends, family and customers.


Gift box with Rosewood pen and pencil set $25.00 each and $5.00 shipping. These can be mailed in the sleeve that covers the box.


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